people do what they do usually because they love doing it.
they love the feeling they get while doing it; it feeds the
passion inside them, therefore concocting a reciprocal spiral
of love and creation.

in order to quench my narcissistic thirst for appreciation and
acknowledgement, i've re-organised some of my work and put
it on display for you using this ancient internet infrastructure,
'indexhibit'. i chose 'indexhibit' because it's simple, clean, fast,
and easy to use for both my viewers and myself.

i am approaching 30 years old, and still do not know what i want
to do with my life. all that i am sure of is that whatever i do,
i would like to do it with people i love, and try to have the most
fun doing it. otherwise, what's the point?

to everyone who knows me, thank you all for your continuing
support; to those who don't, but who have inspired me in ways
that have changed me and my mind, thank you a thousand times
for the endless creativity that breathes life into this world.